fman for Windows  1.1.1

fman for Windows 1.1.1

Michael Herrmann – 1MB – Shareware – Windows Mac
fman is the most modern dual-pane file manager. It's available on Windows, Mac and Linux. fman brings ideas from innovative tools like Sublime Text to the file manager world. It was originally developed as an alternative to Total Commander for Mac but has since grown to be the number one cross-platform solution. You'll be addicted to its beautiful interface, fast operation and vibrant plugin ecosystem based on the Python programming language.

fman's most notable feature is 'GoTo on Steroids'. Press Cmd/Ctrl+P to quickly jump to any directory - without having to deal with bookmarks. Some fman users have called this feature 'literally the best thing since sliced bread'. It is one of the main improvements of fman over other file managers.

What also sets fman apart is its extensible plugin architecture. Many open source plugins are available for tailoring fman to your specific needs. Or, you can write your own plugins in the Python programming language.


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